Tournament Rules

1. Version

1.1 1.6.1

2. Participants quantity

2.1 Only registered users can participate in tourney.

3. Tourney system

3.1 The tournament will be organised as a league that runs for several weeks (depending on the number of players). This means that you will have to play every other registered player and at the end of the season, the person with the most points, wins.

3.2 The players will get points as such:
Win – 3 points
Draw – 1 point
Loss – No points

3.3 Prize Money
At the end of the season, the prizes will be as such:
Winner: Kshs 5,000
Runner-up: Kshs 1,000
Third: A big hug from Psyko

4. The order of carrying out matches

4.1 Every match is scheduled by organizers and can not be rescheduled or canceled except under he decision of organizers
4.2 Every match is played using official iCCup maps. A match played using other map is not counted.
4.3 The winner is a player who has completely destroyed all buildings of the opponent or has compelled it to surrender
4.4.1 If disconnect occurs in first 2 minutes the rematch has to be played despite the situation in match. If there is a disconnect in the game after 2 minutes, both players must agree on who was winning or who was going to win. If they both agree that Player A had already won then Player A will receive a win and advance through the brackets. If Player A comes back and Player B does not, within 5 minutes, Player A receives the win. If the players disagree on who was winning and both claim that they would have won, then an Admin will review the replay. If the Admin cannot determine a definite winner, the match MUST be replayed.
4.5.2 If disconnect repeats on same player’s fault the referee has a right to disqualify him.
4.6 If both players agree one or more observers may observe a match. Referees, reporters, organizers and casters (commentators) have mandatory right to observe a match.
4.6.1 If referees, reporters, organizers and casters (commentators) are not allowed to observe by players a referee has a right not to count a match
4.7 A player has to save replay after a match. Winner uploads replay. In case sc:bw crashes a winner contacts channel referee to report his win.
4.8 A player has a right to pause a game, but his opponent can unpause it.
4.9 If a player has urgent necessity to leave he contacts referee and describes the reason. Referee can give 30 minutes time-out maximum if he considers the reason serious.

5. Match settings

5.1 Game mode: One on One (If both players agree you can play in a different mode)
5.2 Race: Not allowed to pick race after countdown starts.
5.3 Speed: Fastest
5.4 Each match played against an opponent in the league will consist of three games (best of three)

6. Forbidden to use:
6.1 Flying drones and templars
6.2 Terran sliding buildings
6.3 A bug which allows your units to remain stacked while moving/attacking
6.4 Allied mines
6.5 Intentional dropping lurker and SCV — defined by referee
6.6 «Gas walk» to get through blocked entrances or ramps (Incredibly common bug, using a shift click on has near opponent’s blocked entrance to slide through any possible unit or building wall.)
Use of these bugs will be punished with:
— Total reverse of the game (if abuser won).

7. Allowed to use:
Plague on interceptor
7.1 Units pressed through
7.2 Drops to defuse mines
7.3 Mineral walk
7.4 Manner Pylon
7.5 Lurker hold position
7.6 Observer Over turret

8. Disqualification

8.1 Disqualification can be current or subsequent.
8.2 Current disqualification means discharging a player during a tourney.
8.3 Subsequent disqualification means a player can be discharged after a game ends but not later than one week (not later than one day after games)
8.4 In case of disqualification draw results are not changed. After tourney ends a list of disqualified players is published stating the reasons.
8.5 A right to disqualify has main referee. He can take the decision by himself if a player breaks the following rules:
— using forbidden reception
— using intentional disconnects
— using hacking software (which break standard settings)
— using settings that differ from standard
— using maps not from official list
— playing under account that was not submitted in registration data
— register multiple accounts by one player
— playing under another account
— asking an opponent to lose – this is qualified as cheating
— confusing referee on purpose or accidentally concerning match result – this is qualified as cheating
— uploading fake replays
— the disrespectful attitude to players, teams and referees is not supposed